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Our ABA Service Delivery Model

what is aba?

Applied behavior analysis is a science that draws upon the idea that all behavior stems from the surrounding environment.  In other words, the environment and what is happening around us directly impacts what we do.  The overreaching idea of applied behavior analysis is to produce meaningful behavior change by systematically altering the environment to produce meaningful outcomes for all individuals.  At Foundations in Behavior, our goal is to target behaviors that occur in the client’s everyday settings.

initial assessment

t Foundations in Behavior, all new clients undergo a comprehensive functional behavior assessment.  Our analysts complete direct observations, obtain a complete medical history, use structured behavioral interview tools, and collect narrative reports from caregivers or other key stakeholders about the individual’s behaviors.  From this assessment, a behavior plan is then developed and implemented in the client’s natural environment.  Additional assessments may be conducted as part of the functional assessment process to guide overall treatment. Additional assessments may include:

  • The VB Mapp
  • The ABLLS-R
  • Vineland
  • Essentials for Living

behavior plan development/implementation

Our service delivery model targets socially important behaviors by replacing problematic behaviors with more appropriate replacement behaviors.  Through the use of functional assessment, direct observations, interviews, and etc.,  our analysts and other clinical team members develop treatment plans for all consumer’s based on their individualized needs.  These treatment plans are then implemented in the client’s everyday environments.  The overall goal is to use reinforcement strategies to teacher new behaviors and/or maintain previously taught behaviors.  Behavior plans will also include client-specific protocols to be used to prevent problems behaviors from occurring as well as consequence-based interventions, or how to respond to problem behaviors once they have occurred.  Data sheets will be created to tracker the overall progress of the client.

ongoing training & follow up

Behavior Analysts at Foundations in Behavior train all key stakeholders and caregivers on the behavior plan in order to ensure the appropriate implementation. Data on the client’s progress is taken throughout the entire process, and this data is graphed and used to guide treatment decisions.   Behavior plans are modified based on the collected data and parental/key stakeholder input.

  • Functional Assessment

  • Assessment Meeting

  • Behavior Plan Development

  • Plan Development Meeting

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Supervision

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